We do Firearm Transfers, our fee is $30 per transfer.

Firearms for Beginners Class( min. 2 hours) $50

This class is specifically tailored to those who wish to simply learn the very basics of pistols, rifles and shotguns.

Situational Defense Training(advanced) 5 hours  $100 individual $85 groups of 4 or more

**Students must have CHL/CCW  license plus a Firearm, Holster and at least 2 Magazines**

At the range we teach SAFE techniques to deploy your firearm in various scenarios.
We help you feel comfortable with your firearm and stress proficiency and training.
Specific situations are created based on YOUR needs for protection.

Concealed Handgun License Training (CHL/CCW-8 Hours min.)  $90 individual 
OR $80 for groups 3 or more

Situational Firearm Defense will prepare you to apply for your Ohio CHL/CCW permit.
We stress how important it is to continue to train once you receive your permit.  
Many companies and instructors only provide the basic minimal training and hours in an attempt to prepare your for your permit.  Plan on being here the whole day with us as we want you to be .  Additional training is always here for you any time.

Carrying is a huge responsibility  and you want to train right!
​Our learning process is very serious but FUN!!!

One on One Training(Pricing based on training)

Tailored to your needs. Call us to set up.

AR-15 Familiarization Training(4 Hours)   $80 individual $60 for groups of 3 or more

So many people have an AR-15 in the gun case or under the bed that they have never shot and have no clue how to use.  We offer a class specifically tailored to the AR-15.

Brief history.
Safe handling practices.
Parts and Cleaning.
Short and long range shooting.
​Move and shoot.